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Dec 2 17

Guitar Repairer Needed! Immediate Start

Guitar Repairer Needed! Immediate Start Well, we’ve got plenty of poorly guitars to repair, upgrade and set up and now we’re looking for an enthusiastic new recruit to help us out. Whilst some training is available experience is preferred for sure. Job skills needed are a mixture of woodworking, metalworking, electrical work, finish work and of course a musical ear always helps! Finish work is of particular interest. Jack’s Instrument Services has been in business 8 years now and we’re based in Cheetham Hill, Manchester its a small crew of 3, Adam Tom and myself, Jack. We meet and chat to customers and discuss exactly what we can do for them. A keen eye for accuracy is essential and each of us take our work very seriously Initially we’re looking at part time with an eye to expand hours. Applicants should email in CVs at and we will be in touch! There are of course loads of fun and challenging tasks in this job, take a look at the website to get a feel for what we do – Thanks! Jack *Jack’s Instrument Services* Guitar set-up and repair workshop – Manchester 07706 828122

My services include re-frets, fret dressing, fret end dressing, action adjustment, truss rod adjustment, intonation setting, nut replacement, bridge saddle replacement, acoustic pickup installation, electric pickup fitting/replacement, output jack replacement, pot replacement, re-wiring, sound post setting, tuner installation, brace re-gluing, broken headstock repairs, strap pin installation, re-strings, bridge setting, tremolo setting, Floyd Rose setting, custom scratch plate cutting, tuning problems, restoration, polishing, cleaning, wiring modifications...Get in touch I'm sure I can help!
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