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Eric “Pikfunk” Smith on tour with Rihanna’s Jazz Bass

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All done and ready for the MEN arena tomorrow night with Rihanna!


Shame about the trouble with the preamp system, luckily its sounds good with the bass/treble controls boosted plus it has a bypass option to run without the use of the preamp. I just didn’t have the time to order in the specialist pot before Eric was off again on the rest of the tour. I should have put him a dub plate in!! Great sounding pickups! List of jobs done: Pickup upgrade ✔ (Faulty) Sadowsky preamp fitted ✔ Jack socket added ✔ Control cavity routing ✔ Battery box installation ✔ Shamelessly promoted ✔ Ready for the stage! *Jack’s Instrument Services* Guitar set-up and repair workshop – Manchester 07706 828122 Like my page on Facebook!

All done and ready for the stage. Preamp, pickup and battery box installation


A Gotoh 201B-4 bridge has been installed, tasty stuff!


Disaster! Unfortunately the Sadowsky pickup system is faulty!


Disaster! With this part of the circuit damaged the pot won’t function properly. After I had installed all the pickups, jack socket and routed the control cavity I found that the treble and bass control would make any difference it was always boosted to full adding 14dB of treble and bass boost on at all times. This has happened because the joint between the wafer and the carbon track of the pot has been disturbed possibly in shipping. Looks like a crush damage to me. Can you see how the legs are all slightly at an angle? I suspect its either been damaged in shipping or has been test fitted with force. Not really sure. Bummer as it’s a specialist pot, no way I can get one in time for tomorrows MEN Arena gig..

Here’s the hole for the new jack socket we’ll need to install. Butchery at its most fun!


This Sadowsky preamp system uses all 4 hols on a standard jazz control plate including the old jack socket hole. This new jack socket is needed to replace it but require a bit of persuading with my drill to install it.

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